Sebastian Korda’s Racket, Strings, Shoes & More

Sebastian Korda's Racket, Strings, Shoes & More

Sebastian Korda is one of the newest youngsters on the ATP Tour who is challenging many of the top players, with his biggest result coming at the 2023 Australian Open where he reached the quarter-finals after beating Daniil Medvedev and Hubert Hurkacz.

So that must mean he has some great gear, right?

Well lucky for you, I have made this guide which explores all the equipment he uses such as rackets, strings, shoes and much more.

Then maybe you too can become the next Sebastian Korda!


When looking at Sebastian Korda, we have to consider two rackets. First is the one he endorses for his sponsorship and the other is the one he actually uses. Here we will compare both rackets so you can understand what is going on.

Endorsed Racket

Sebastian Korda's Racket, Strings, Shoes & More

When a tennis player is sponsored by a brand, they are getting paid to endorse a specific racket to bring media attention to it and hopefully drive more sales. These are typically the newest released rackets by the brand.

However, most of the time, the tennis player will not use the racket that they are endorsing and instead use a custom racket painted to look like the one they are endorsing. This is the case with Sebastian Korda.

But it is worth noting that just because they are not using the racket they are endorsing, doesn’t mean it’s a bad racket. Tennis players like to stick with gear they feel most comfortable with so their game isn’t affected.

Wilson Blade 98 18x20 v8


Head Size

98 in / 632.26 cm


27 in / 68.58 cm

Strung Weight

11.4oz / 323g


4 pts HL





Beam Width

21mm / 21mm / 21mm

String Pattern

18 Mains / 20 Crosses

Sebi Korda endorses the Wilson Blade 98 18×20 v8. The Wilson Blade is one of the most popular tennis rackets in the world and is the most endorsed racket on the pro tour.

Over the years the Wilson Blade has always been a great racket which is why it is no surprise that not many changes have been added to the newest v8 model. In fact, the only major update is the new paint job which features a color-shifting effect that changes different shades of green in the light.

The Wilson Blade 98 18×20 v8 is built for players looking for control and precision with their shots. The softer feel makes it a lot more comfortable for players compared to other rackets making it a great option for players that are prone to injury.

The only downside is the lack of power you get from the Wilson Blade due to this being a racket made for control. However, paired with a string that provides a bit more power can make your opponents scared and truly give you a deadly weapon.

Actual Racket

Sebastian Korda's Racket, Strings, Shoes & More

Sebastian Korda actually uses the Wilson H22 Pro Stock racket which is a custom tennis racket made by Wilson for professional players. It is one of the most popular rackets among players sponsored by Wilson on the ATP Tour.

As this is a custom racket, it is worth noting that the Wilson H22 Pro Stock can come in many different paint jobs so it is hard to recognise when a player is using this particular model.

Wilson H22 Pro Stock


Head Size

98 in / 632.26 cm


27 in / 68.58 cm

Strung Weight

12.2oz / 347g

Beam Width

22mm / 22mm / 22mm

String Pattern

18 mains / 20 crosses

Professional players require rackets that weigh more than your standard racket due to the power they have to deal with competing on the pro tour. This is why the H22 Pro Stock is significantly heavier than standard rackets at 347 grams.

It is a very well-balanced racket however, much like the Wilson Blade 98, it is built for control and precision. But it also does deliver a lot of power making it appealing for players with any sort of game style.

Sebi Korda likely has many other adjustments made to his racket so it is perfectly customized to his game. However, it is impossible for us to know what these adjustments are for now.


Sebastian Korda uses a combination of two strings. Many players choose to use a combination of a polyester string with a natural gut so they can get the advantages from both on one racket which is the case with Seb Korda.

Sebastian Korda's Racket, Strings, Shoes & More

Sebastian Korda uses the Luxilon Alu Power 16L on the mains at a tension of 50lbs. This is a very popular polyester string among professional tennis players with the likes of Roger Federer, Andre Agassi and fellow countryman Tommy Paul using this particular string.

It is a very firm string made for spin and control. This can help players control their powerful shots with plenty of spin.

Screen Shot 2023 04 19 at 1.21.04 pm

Sebi Korda pairs the Luxilon Alu Power 16L with the Wilson Natural Gut 16 on the crosses which he has strung at a tension of 47lbs. Again, this is a very popular combination with pro tennis players.

Natural Gut is a much more flexible string which means it provides a lot more power. Another one of the main advantages of Natural Gut is that the string maintains its tension over an extended period of time. This means that you can maintain your feel and touch throughout a match.

Also, the Wilson Natural Gut is a lot more comfortable compared to polyester strings reducing the possibility of an arm injury and allowing the player to continue at a high level during those long matches.


Sebastian Korda's Racket, Strings, Shoes & More

Sebastian Korda uses the Wilson Pro Overgrips which he wraps over a replacement grip. Overgrips are useful as they can reduce shocks and vibrations in the racket as well as provide more comfort on the hand and absorb sweat from the player.

The Wilson Pro Overgrips are super thin and provide a nice amount of tackiness so your hand stops slipping. They are used by many pros endorsed by Wilson, including Roger Federer. You can buy them in many different colors such as pink, white, green, orange and many more.

We are unsure of what grip size Sebastian Korda uses, however the most common is size 3 or 4 ⅜. You can see the table below for all racket grip sizes:








4 1/8



4 1/4



4 3/8



4 1/2



4 5/8



4 3/4



Sebastian Korda's Racket, Strings, Shoes & More

Sebastian Korda uses the Wilson Super Tour 15-Pack Bag which is the biggest racket bag on the market by Wilson.

The bag can hold up to 15 of your tennis rackets and has three main compartments with two of these compartments featuring Wilson’s Thermoguard technology which will protect your rackets from extreme temperatures.

It also comes with many more pockets that can hold your accessories and even has a vented shoe tunnel to hold your tennis shoes.


Sebastian Korda's Racket, Strings, Shoes & More

Sebastian Korda is sponsored by Nike for all of his tennis clothes.

Nike is the most popular tennis clothing brand and makes some of the best quality gear on the market. Like many other major brands, Nike will release new designs of their gear throughout the year typically aligning with Grand Slam events.

Make sure to keep an eye out for all of Nike’s latest tennis gear as they always produce the most unique designs compared to any other brand.


Sebastian Korda's Racket, Strings, Shoes & More

Sebastian Korda uses the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pros which are some of the best tennis shoes you can buy.

They are very lightweight shoes which is important for players as they want to maneuver quickly around a tennis court. They also provide a good amount of cushioning in the heel for comfort and a lot of support in the upper of the shoe to reduce any risk of injury.

Image Source: Herald Sun

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