The 7 Best Tennis Overgrips (2023 Guide)

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As your grip begins to wear down, you’ll notice it becomes harder to maintain a firm hold on your racket.

This is where overgrips come in.

Overgrips are important because they increase comfort, absorb sweat, and create a tackier feel to keep your racket from flying out of your hand. They can also be replaced on a regular basis for a very low cost.

But which are the best overgrips?

This guide ranks the best tennis overgrips on the market according to price, comfort, durability, and sweat absorption.

Quick Summary

Reviews of the 7 Best Tennis Overgrips

1. Wilson Pro Overgrip

The 7 Best Tennis Overgrips (2023 Guide)

Price: $$ (3 Grips) | Comfort: 5/5 | Durability: 5/5 | Sweat Absorption: 3/5


  • Very comfortable
  • Good durability
  • Great tackiness


  • Not the best sweat absorption

The Wilson Pro Overgrip is one of the most popular overgrips on the market and for a good reason.

I found the Wilson Pro Overgrip to be extremely comfortable, and even after multiple sessions, it still provided a good amount of comfort and tackiness, demonstrating why it is one of the most durable tennis grips available.

While there are grips with better sweat absorption, I found the balance of tackiness and sweat absorption to be just right. However, if you’re someone who sweats more than normal, you may want to choose a grip that specializes in sweat absorption.

With great all-around performance, it’s no surprise this was the go-to tennis overgrip for pro players Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

2. Tourna Grip

The 7 Best Tennis Overgrips (2023 Guide)

Price: $ (3 Grips) | Comfort: 3/5 | Durability: 3/5 | Sweat Absorption: 5/5


  • Excellent sweat absorption
  • Good tackiness for dry overgrip


  • Not the most durable

Famous for its light blue color, Tourna Grip is the ultimate overgrip for sweat absorption.

Many former and current professionals, including Pete Sampras, John Isner, and Andy Murray, have used Tourna Grip over the years. This is due to its unique sweat absorption technology, which makes it tackier as your hand’s sweat! This has made it very useful for professionals who sweat a lot more than the average tennis player and need a grip that won’t slip out of their sweaty hands.

However, the grip is not particularly comfortable, which may be an issue for players who suffer from blisters. In addition, I found the grip to be less durable than others and to shed after extended use. However, if you don’t mind regripping your racquet frequently, this won’t be an issue. Even Richard Gasquet regrips his racquet several times during a match!

3. Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

The 7 Best Tennis Overgrips (2023 Guide)

Price: $ (3 Grips) | Comfort: 4/5 | Durability: 4/5 | Sweat Absorption: 4/5


  • Loads of cushioning
  • Good tackiness
  • Very durable


  • Quite thick

The Yonex Super Grap Overgrip is a favorite among Yonex ambassadors, with Tommy Paul, Nick Kyrgios, and Denis Shapovalov all using it.

It is an easy-to-apply grip that provides a comfortable and tacky feel so you maintain a secure hold on your tennis racquet. It even has great durability lasting over multiple tennis sessions and I was surprised by how well it absorbed sweat for a ‘tacky’ grip.

When testing out this overgrip, I found that it felt slightly thicker than a regular overgrip which took some getting used to. However, I was very impressed its tackiness, allowing me to have a better grip on the racquet handle. I was also impressed by how well it absorbed sweat.

If you’re someone who loves tacky overgrips, then I’d definitely recommend the Yonex Super Grap overgrip.

4. Volkl V-Dry Overgrip

The 7 Best Tennis Overgrips (2023 Guide)

Price: $ (3 Grips) | Comfort: 3/5 | Durability: 4/5 | Sweat Absorption: 4/5


  • Great sweat absorption
  • Good durability


  • Not much tackiness
  • Uncomfortable

The Volkl V-Dry Overgrip, like the Tourna Grip, is designed for those who play tennis in humid conditions and sweat a lot.

While it lacks the tackiness of the Tourna Grip, I found that the Volkl V-Dry Overgrip is extremely durable. Some players may even prefer a less tacky grip as it makes switching between forehand and backhand grips easier.

However, I did find this grip to feel quite harsh and uncomfortable after long periods of use. As someone who struggles with blisters, I could see this becoming an issue.

Nevertheless, this is a great option if you’re looking for a dry overgrip that absorbs sweat well.

5. Gamma Supreme Overgrip

The 7 Best Tennis Overgrips (2023 Guide)

Price: $ (3 Grips) | Comfort: 4/5 | Durability: 4/5 | Sweat Absorption: 3/5


  • Excellent tackiness
  • Comfortable
  • Reduces vibrations


  • Not good sweat absorption

If you’re in the market for an ultra-tacky overgrip then look no further than the Gamma Supreme Overgrip.

The Gamma Supreme Overgrip has a high-traction polymer coating that is said to increase tackiness and cushioning. The Gamma Supreme also reduces vibrations and improves overall comfort when holding the racket.

This is one of the tackiest grips I have ever tested which is ideal if you’re looking for a better grip on your racquet and don’t sweat much. This is grip is also very comfortable and has tapered ends on both sides to help with gripping and keeping a neat finish. But if sweat absorption is important to you, then I’d recommend trying out a drip overgrip instead.

6. Head Prestige Pro Overgrip

The 7 Best Tennis Overgrips (2023 Guide)

Price: $ (3 Grips) | Comfort: 4/5 | Durability: 3/5 | Sweat Absorption: 3/5


  • Comfortable
  • Good tackiness


  • Sweat absorption

The Head Prestige Pro is a thick, tacky overgrip that prioritizes comfort.

At 0.6mm thick, the Head Prestige Pro Overgrip feels very cushioned and makes for a comfortable experience. While it does add some size to the grip, I found that it still had a nice feel and was enjoyable to play with.

As this is a ‘tacky’ grip, the sweat absorption could be improved but for people where sweat absorption isn’t necessary, the Head Prestige Pro Overgrip is a great option.

7. Babolat Pro Response Overgrip

Screen Shot 2023 04 19 at 2.21.58 pm

Price: $$ (3 Grips) | Comfort: 3/5 | Durability: 3/5 | Sweat Absorption: 3/5


  • Very thin
  • Good tackiness


  • Sweat absorption
  • Not very durable

The Babolat Pro Response Overgrip is a great tacky overgrip that is also one of the thinnest on the market.

At only 0.45mm thick, the Babolat Pro Response is the ideal overgrip for players who struggle with thicker grips and prefer something thin to maintain a good feel of their racket.

I found it had a good level of tackiness but was not very sweat-absorbent which may be an issue for players who train in hot or humid environments.

Why You Should Use a Tennis Overgrip

A tennis overgrip is a soft, thin piece of tape that you wrap around the grip of your tennis racket to help increase sweat absorption, traction, and overall comfort.

Tennis rackets come with an original grip, but after multiple hits and extended use, the grip begins to wear down, losing traction and becoming uncomfortable. Applying a new overgrip regularly is an inexpensive way to maintain comfort, feel, and durability on your racket grip and help you play your best tennis.

Overgrips also help with absorbing sweat which will prevent your racket from slipping out of your hand.

How to Choose the Best Overgrip for You

Finding the right overgrip for you isn’t easy, which is why I’ve listed all the factors you should consider:


It is no surprise that comfort is an important factor to consider when finding the best overgrip for you.

Different overgrips will provide different levels of comfort, with the majority of this determined by the thickness of the overgrip. The thicker the overgrip, the more cushioning there is, and thus the more comfortable the experience. However, an overgrip that is too thick will reduce your feel on the racket It all comes down to finding the right balance for you.

Tackiness can also have an impact on how comfortable an overgrip is. The tackier the overgrip, the more comfortable it will feel on your hand, but it will be less sweat-absorbent. Plus, it makes switching between forehand and backhand grips more difficult. A dryer overgrip will feel harsher on the hand but will absorb more sweat.

It all comes down to finding the right balance for you.


If you don’t want to be changing your overgrip after every session, then durability is something you want to consider.

A more durable grip will feel comfortable for longer and help prevent any blisters from forming on your hand. If it’s a tacky overgrip, this also means it will feel tackier for longer.

Thinner overgrips such as Tourna Grip and the Babolat Pro Response Overgrip tend to wear out quicker which means they need to be changed more often.

Sweat Absorption

For many tennis players, there’s nothing worse than your racket breaking from slipping out of your hand. Even I’ve done this. That is why sweat absorption is so important when considering an overgrip.

The more you sweat, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a firm grip on your racket. This results in you not feeling as comfortable with your strokes and, worst-case scenario, your racket slipping out of your hand.

If you’re someone who tends to sweat a lot and regularly plays in hotter and more humid climates then you may want to consider an overgrip which is better at absorbing sweat such as the Tourna Grip.


Overgrips are generally very inexpensive, with a 3 pack costing less than $10. This is a lot less expensive than replacing your original grip on a regular basis.

Many stores, such as Tennis Warehouse, sell overgrips in various bundles ranging from 3 packs to 50+ packs. Purchasing overgrips in bulk is a great way to save money and ensure you never run out.

Difference Between an ‘Overgrip and ‘Replacement Grip’

A replacement grip is a thicker, more durable grip that replaces the original grip that comes with the racket. This is what is used to provide a comfortable base for your tennis racket’s grip.

An Overgrip is a thin strand of tape that is applied over the top of the replacement grip to help with added comfort, sweat absorption, and traction. Overgrips tend to be applied more regularly than replacement grips.

Overgrips are also useful for adjusting the size of your racket handle. That is why it is recommended that you buy the smaller grip size so that you can easily build up a grip if needed.

When to Replace an Overgrip

How often you replace your overgrip all comes down to personal preference. However, there are a few factors that can affect how quickly your overgrip needs to be replaced:

  • Weather: Rain can cause an overgrip to wear down quicker and lose its effectiveness.
  • Sweat: The more you sweat, the faster your overgrip will wear down.
  • Court Surface: If you’ve played on a clay court, your overgrip may become discolored and need to be replaced.

How to Replace an Overgrip

To replace an overgrip, view the video below:

Overgrip I use

Screen Shot 2023 03 12 at 7.11.20 pm

I use the Wilson Pro Overgrip on my Babolat Pure Drive.

Ever since I started using the Wilson Pro Overgrip I have been impressed with how comfortable it feels and how long it lasts before needing to be replaced. I have always struggled with blisters so finding an overgrip that is comfortable and isn’t putting too much stress on my hand is very important to me.

While there are more sweat-absorbent overgrips available, the Wilson Pro is good enough for me to feel like I always have a good grip on my racket, even after long periods of use. I also like how tacky it is, which helps in maintaining a solid hold.

I wrap one overgrip on top of my original grip which is 4 ½ inches in size. You can view all the different grip sizes below:








4 1/8



4 1/4



4 3/8



4 1/2



4 5/8



4 3/4


Final Words

There are many great overgrips out there but hopefully, now you have found some options for you to consider. Finding the right one for you may require some testing, which is why it is great that they are so affordable.

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’d suggest trying the Wilson Pro Overgrip and Tourna Grip to see if you prefer a tackier or dryer overgrip.

Image Source: Julia Kuzenkov

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