3 Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

natural gut strings

There are a wide variety of tennis strings to choose from, but natural gut strings continue to hold a special place in the tennis world.

Renowned for their unrivaled feel, comfort, and performance, natural gut strings have attracted many tennis enthusiasts and professionals for decades.

In this article, we take a look at natural gut tennis strings, exploring their rich history, the materials they are made from, and the benefits they offer.

Now let’s see the best natural gut tennis strings available today!

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3 Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings in 2023




Reviews of the 3 Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings

1. Babolat VS Touch

Babolat VS Touch - best natural gut tennis strings

Price: $$$$ | Gauge: 16


  • Extremely powerful
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Exceptional feel
  • Great tension maintenance
  • Decent durability for natural gut


  • Expensive
  • Hard to control

The Babolat VS Touch is my pick for the best natural gut tennis string in 2023.

Used by the likes of Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem, the VS Touch offers a combination of feel and power like no other. I felt a great energy return whenever I made contact with the ball, allowing me to hit more explosive groundstrokes.

Furthermore, I found the Babolat VS Touch very comfortable to use. This is due to its softer nature which means fewer vibrations are sent through the arm when you hit the ball. This is why natural guts are ideal for players who suffer from arm injuries such as tennis elbow.

In recent years, Babolat has tried to improve the durability of this string with the introduction of their BT7 Technology. While the VS Touch does have good durability compared to most natural guts, I would still have preferred it to be more durable.

Generally, I’d only recommend natural gut strings for advanced players. However, the Babolat VS Touch is also a great choice for beginners as it expands the sweet spot, generating effortless power. That is if you can justify the cost.

2. Wilson Natural Gut

Wilson Natural Gut - best natural gut tennis strings

Price: $$$ | Gauge: 16


  • Very powerful
  • Comfortable to use
  • Responsive
  • Good tension maintenance
  • Great feel


  • Hard to control
  • Not durable

The Wilson Natural Gut is one of the most popular natural guts on the ATP Tour with the likes of Roger Federer and Sebastian Korda using it.

Wilson claims that they only use top-quality beef serosa when it comes to their natural gut string. This has resulted in a string that provides a consistent and responsive feel on every stroke.

Furthermore, I found the Wilson Natural Gut very powerful, allowing me to push my opponent off the court with ease. I was also very impressed by the tension maintenance with this string. Even after multiple sessions, I didn’t feel any drop in performance.

However, I did struggle with control when testing out this string. If you’re an advanced player, I’d recommend pairing the Wilson Natural Gut with a polyester string in a hybrid setup.

3. Luxilon Natural Gut

Luxilon Natural Gut - best natural gut tennis strings

Price: $$$ | Gauge: 16


  • Powerful
  • Comfortable to use
  • Very responsive
  • Good durability for natural gut
  • Good feel


  • Hard to control
  • Not very spin-friendly

Luxilon is a well-known brand in the tennis string industry, producing some of the highest-quality strings in the world.

The Luxilon Natural Gut is an excellent tennis string that provides a beautiful combination of power, feel, and comfort. I felt a crisp response on every shot, helping me feel like I had a better connection with the ball.

I was particularly impressed by how comfortable it was to play with. I didn’t experience any arm fatigue even after playing for several hours. Plus, I felt like the Luxilon Natural Gut had the best durability out of the three strings on this list.

However, as expected, the downside was control. The high energy return I got from this string made it a lot more difficult to control my groundstrokes. I’d definitely recommend using the Luxilon Natural Gut in a hybrid setup.

The History of Natural Gut Tennis Strings

Natural gut tennis strings were introduced in the late 19th century when tennis was gaining popularity as a competitive sport. Originally, natural gut strings were made out of sheep intestines.

As the popularity of tennis grew, so did the demand for improved string materials. In the early 20th century, the material used to create natural gut strings changed to cow intestines. Plus, during this time, many manufacturers began experimenting with the thickness and tension of the string to provide different playing experiences.

Throughout the 20th century, natural gut strings became the gold standard for professional players due to their unique properties. The natural gut’s elasticity offered an exceptional level of power and comfort, allowing players to generate explosive shots while reducing the risk of arm injuries.

Despite the competition from synthetic alternatives, natural gut strings have remained highly regarded in the tennis community. Many professional players continue to use natural gut due to its unmatched combination of power, control, and feel.

What are Natural Gut Strings Made Out Of?

what are natural gut tennis strings made out of? - best natural gut tennis strings

Natural gut strings are made from a unique and delicate material. Despite what the name might suggest, natural gut strings are not made from animal guts but rather from a specific part of an animal’s intestines.

The primary material used in the production of natural gut strings is the serosa membrane, which comes from the intestines of cows. This membrane is obtained from a particular section of the intestine, known as the submucosa layer. The submucosa is carefully extracted, cleaned, and processed to create the raw material for the strings.

The submucosa layer possesses remarkable qualities that make it ideal for tennis strings. It is composed of collagen fibers, which provide the gut strings with their natural elasticity, strength, and responsiveness. The collagen fibers give the strings their ability to stretch and return to their original shape, generating lots of power during gameplay.

It’s important to note that the production of natural gut strings is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, which contributes to their relatively higher cost compared to synthetic alternatives.

In recent years, manufacturers have also explored innovative techniques to enhance the performance and durability of natural gut strings. These advancements include the introduction of protective coatings and improved tension maintenance, further extending the lifespan of the strings while preserving their exceptional playing characteristics.

Should You Choose Natural Gut Tennis Strings?

Natural gut tennis strings have long been regarded as the gold standard, offering a unique playing experience that appeals to many players. However, choosing the right string for your tennis racket is a personal decision that depends on various factors.

Here, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of natural gut strings to help you make an informed choice.


  • Feel and Comfort: Natural gut strings provide an unmatched level of feel and comfort on the tennis court. Additionally, the natural gut’s ability to absorb shock and reduce vibrations creates a more comfortable playing experience, particularly for players with arm sensitivity.
  • Power: The strings’ elasticity allows them to store and release energy effectively, resulting in explosive shots and greater power potential. When it comes to producing power, it doesn’t get much better than natural gut strings.
  • Tension Maintenance: Natural gut strings excel in maintaining tension over time. Unlike many synthetic alternatives that tend to lose tension quickly, natural gut strings retain their playing characteristics for a longer duration. This means that you can enjoy a consistent performance and feel throughout the lifespan of the strings, reducing the need for frequent restringing.


  • Cost: One of the primary drawbacks of natural gut strings is their relatively higher cost compared to synthetic strings. The intricate manufacturing process, limited availability of raw materials, and the expertise required contribute to their premium price tag. If budget is a significant concern, natural gut strings may not be the best option.
  • Durability: While natural gut strings offer exceptional playing characteristics, they are generally less durable compared to synthetic strings. The delicate nature of the material makes them prone to fraying and breaking, especially when exposed to harsh playing conditions.
  • Control: As natural gut strings provide an exceptional amount of power, it may not come as a surprise that they aren’t the best for control. This is why many players pair natural gut strings with polyester strings in a hybrid setup to provide a good balance of power and control.
  • Weather Sensitivity: Natural gut strings are more sensitive to changes in weather and humidity compared to synthetic strings. Excessive moisture or dryness can affect their tension, elasticity, and overall performance.


Do Pro Tennis Players Use Natural Gut Strings?

As synthetic string technology has improved over the years, many pro players have moved away from using natural gut strings. However, there is still a number of professional tennis players that use natural gut.

Pro Tennis Players Using Natural Gut Strings


Natural Gut String

Novak Djokovic

Babolat VS Team

Dominic Thiem

Babolat VS Touch

Alexander Zverev

Babolat VS Touch

Roger Federer

Wilson Natural Gut

Caroline Wozniacki

Babolat VS Touch

Andy Murray

Babolat VS Touch

Kei Nishikori

Wilson Natural Gut

Marin Cilic

Babolat VS Team

Agnieszka Radwanska

Babolat VS Touch

What String is Most Like Natural Gut?

If you’re looking for a synthetic string that has a similar performance to natural gut, then I’d recommend trying a multifilament string.

Multifilament strings aim to replicate the feel of natural gut while providing a more affordable alternative. However, multifilament strings don’t hold their tension as well as natural gut strings.

Are Natural Gut Strings Durable?

Generally, natural gut strings are less durable than synthetic strings.

This is because they are a lot more delicate, making them prone to fraying and breaking.

Final Words

For centuries, natural gut strings have maintained their popularity among players seeking unparalleled feel, comfort, and performance.

While synthetic alternatives may offer greater durability and affordability, the unique combination of power, comfort, and responsiveness provided by natural gut remains unmatched.

Now get out onto the court and try out your new natural gut strings!

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