7 Best Tennis Podcasts in 2023

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If you’re someone who loves tennis and is wanting to learn more and keep up-to-date with the latest news well then this is the article for you.

Tennis podcasts are a great new way to hear about your favorite players and learn what it is like to be a professional on tour. And the great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime anywhere! You don’t need to be watching a screen.

So if you want to hear about your favorite players or learn some new tactics that you can take into your next tennis match then you’ll love some of the podcasts I have to show you.

7 Best Tennis Podcasts

1. Beyond The Baseline

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Hosts: Jon Wertheim, Jamie Lisanti

Beyond The Baseline is the official tennis podcast by Sports Illustrated. Jon Wertheim is a well-established journalist who has been a full-time staff member of Sports Illustrated for many years. Paired with his producer Jamie Lisanti they make a great pair who ask some very interesting questions and give good insights into the world of tennis.

They have even brought on many big names such as Dominic Thiem after his US Open triumph in 2020 and current World No.2 Casper Ruud. This gives a very interesting look into what it’s really like to be one of the top pros on tour.

With over 220 episodes and new episodes coming out each week, you have a lot of great content to listen to.

2. The Doubles Only Tennis Podcast

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Hosts: Will Boucek

If you’re someone like me who loves doubles and is always looking to improve their doubles game then The Doubles Only Tennis Podcast is just for you.

Will Boucek is an ATP & WTA Doubles Strategy Analyst with over 20 years of experience playing and coaching tennis and gives great in-depth knowledge into the world of doubles.

Doubles is definitely something that is overlooked in the tennis world so being able to listen to a podcast that purely focuses on doubles is definitely refreshing. Will Boucek gives great expert strategies as well as how you can improve your mentality for doubles so you can win your next match.

He also interviews some great doubles players such as Gigi Fernandez (who is a 17x grand slam doubles champion) to give you an insight into what it’s like to play at a pro level.

3. The Tennis Podcast

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Hosts: David Law, Catherine Whitaker, Matt Roberts

With over 17 million downloads, it is no surprise that The Tennis Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts on tennis in the world.

These three make for a great laugh but also keep it very informative so you can stay updated on what’s happening on the tour. Occasionally they do also bring on some big names so you can get more insights into their lives.

One of my favorite parts of this podcast is that during the grand slam weeks they will release a video daily highlighting the matches that happened and any latest news during the tournament so you won’t miss a thing. If a grand slam is not occurring then they release a new episode once a week.

This podcast originates from the United Kingdom so if you want to stay updated with the UK’s pro tennis players then you will love this podcast.

4. The Functional Tennis Podcast

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Hosts: Fabio Molle

I have been following Functional Tennis for years from their popular Instagram account with over 500k followers. That is why I was thrilled to hear that they had a podcast hosted by Fabio Molle.

On this podcast, they talk about everything from pro tennis players and coaches all the way to parents, trainers, physio and many more. Fabio also likes to interview players who are further down in the rankings which is very interesting to listen to as it gives a different insight into pro tennis and how difficult it really is.

It is also great if you’re interested in taking the American college route and what that is really like and even transitioning from college tennis onto the pro tour.

With over 150 episodes, you won’t get bored.

5. No Boundaries Podcast

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Hosts: Nick Kygrios, Alex Babanine, James Frawley

Now we all know who Nick Kyrgios is but what you may not know is that he has a podcast called No Boundaries Podcast which he hosts with his two friends Alex Babanine and James Frawley who also play tennis. Even though there are only 9 episodes, I wanted to include this podcast in this list as it gives a very interesting and may even change your perspective on the “bad boy” of tennis.

They talk a little bit about everything from growing up together, partying, tennis and many more. It is very interesting to get an insight into the ups and downs of their lives and what it has been like for Kygrios over his career and how he has changed to now become a top title contender this last year.

Whether you like Kyrgios or not, you’ll definitely get some laughs out of this podcast and all I can say is I wish there were more episodes.

6. Tennis.com Podcast

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Hosts: Kamau Murray

The Tennis.com Podcast recently changed its host to Kamau Murray who is an American tennis coach best known for coaching Sloane Stephens to the US Open title in 2017.

He gives some interesting insights into what it’s like coaching a pro tennis player and also brings on some pro tennis players, a lot of which are lower ranked, which makes you give a greater appreciation to the players trying to make it as they talk about the struggles of being on tour.

If you’re wanting to learn more about what’s really going on behind the scenes in the tennis world then I’d recommend this podcast.

7. The Body Serve

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Hosts: Jonathan Newman, James Rogers

If you’re looking for entertainment and wanted to listen to something that is not too serious but still provides good, updated information then I’d recommend The Body Serve.

Partners and co-hosts Jonathan and James make a great relaxing podcast that gives an interesting insight into different players on tour and you may even learn something about a player you hadn’t heard about before.

With titles such as “So Siuuu Me” and “The Leaning Tower of Visa: Aus Open Preview”, you’re bound to have a laugh.

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